Orig. Hmi - capo 2 1. We starve-look At one another Short of breath Walking proudly in our winter coats Wearing smells from laboratories Facing a dying nation Of moving paper fantasy Listening for the new told lies With supreme visions of lonely tunes 2. Somewhere Inside something there is a rush of Greatness Who knows what stands in front of Our lives I fashion my future on films in space Silence tells me secretly Everything Everything * Manchester England England Manchester England England - Eyes look your last Across the Atlantic Sea - Arms take your last embrace And I'm a genius genius - And lips oh you the doors of breath I believe in God - Seal with a righteous kiss And I believe that God believes in Claude - Seal with a righteous kiss That's me, that's me, that's me - The rest is silence (3x) 3.=1. We starve look… Coda: Singing Our space songs on a spider web sitar Life is around you and in you Answer for Timothy Leary, dearie [: Let the sunshine Let the sunshine in The sunshine in… :](fade out)