The New Epoch of the Canoeing in our 20's

Datum konání: 8. 10. 2005
Sekce: Stalo se
Autor: Radek
Vloženo: 24.10.2005

We have already canoed and kayaked on the creek, which is known as Vavrinec. We have gone there each autumn for a few years now. But this year's event could be labeled as the start of a new sport epoch in our group as I will show later in this report.

The Vavrinec is a pond in the east part of central Bohemia and it is also the nickname of the creek, which flows from this pond to the Vltava River. Its dam is opened once a year in October. This is practically the only possible time to navigate this creek. Since 2002, we (I mean canoeists in the 20th group of the TAK) have always taken part in the navigation of the creek and we are usually three or four. This year, however, there were seven of us. There were two rubber canoes (Kate with Miisha and Bara with Peter), one plastic canoe (Jane with Vashek) and one kayak (me). The weather was unexpectedly nice, sunny and warm. Well, two years ago the weather was not so bad, but this year the weather was fantastic.

We did not start too early. We got on the water at approximately 11 o’clock. During the navigation we had practically no problems. So when we arrived at the cataract lying near Tousice, two of us decided to go thorough this riffles level WW4+. The daredevils were Vasheck and Peter and they skillfully navigated this unforgiving cataract. Well, they went in a rubber canoe, which is a little easier, but I consider this event to be the start of a new epoch because it was the first time one of us went through a level WW4+. And it was the natural creek that could be much more dangerous than any artificial canal. To be honest, I was very afraid even when I only stood on the bank with a safety rope and I simply looked at them.

At about 4pm we happily reached the end of the navigation in the village Tousice. The next program section was a late lunch or maybe an early dinner in the small town Kostelec, which is at about half way back to Prague. This lunch is also the same tradition as the Vavrinec event. I remember that Kate once said in the morning: "I am mostly looking forward to the Kostelec's lunch from all Vavrinec's canoeing" :-))) .

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Káča R. (29.1., 8:55)

Smazala jsem ho já, věc se vyřešila. Šlo o letité nedodání Almanachu a špatnou komunikaci s Veronikou J. Dle informací od Verči už Jirka Almanach dostal.

Petr (21.1., 16:35)

Ještě nedávno tady byl takový dlouhý příspěvek od Jirky K.
Kdo ho smazal? 8-O:-?

Lilka (27.8., 11:05)

TeoCup je 9. - 11. listopadu.

Kamila (6.9., 14:28)

kde jede na lesní hry? :-)

Alena B. (26.9., 14:47)

Víme, kdy bude TeoCup?

Milan (13.8., 20:07)

Předběžné termíny mých zápasů finále tenisové ligy: ne 14/8 v 9:00 Jirka Rada (Záběhlice), pá 19/8 v 18:00 Mrož (Braník), út 30/8 v 18:00 Martin (Braník)
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